shaping symmetry one child at a time



We can’t thank you enough for helping Olivia. This was a tough experience, but you made it so easy, you were always there to answer questions and you’re just amazing. Im so glad I called you, I felt so comfortable talking to you about my concerns and always felt supported. 

-The difference the helmet made is astonishing! I just looked over the pictures we took  and the results are amazing, I’m very impressed and happy with the results. I thought it would take longer, but we had the helmet just shy of the 3 month mark and she was considered severe upon entry to the program, but we followed the rules rigidly.  

-When I was told to wear the helmet 23 hours a day that’s exactly what we did, it was something I basically obsessed with. Is her helmet on, how long has it been off I would set a timer, that’s my advice to parents follow the schedule and before you know it you’ll be holding your baby helmet free. It’s hard, believe me I know but for the process to work correctly you must follow the schedule and my daughter didn’t mind it she got annoyed right after putting it on but she adapted well, because we followed the schedule and now she’s got a round head and she’s happy. It’s a hard journey but as parents we have many hard journeys, if your child needs CRO treatment good luck to you and you’ve got this! Kristen is amazing and will help you through the journey. 

Angela, Andrew and Olivia