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Giving Back

Giving Back

Another passion Kristen has is her love for orphans. Since her peace corps experience in South Africa she has not forgotten about the much more unfortunate kids living in poverty.  Kristen is involved with youth in Uganda who are working their way through school with a ministry called “Faith Hope and Love”.  For more details visit  She has also worked with the children living at the dumpsite in Kenya.  These children in the dumpsite need the love of Jesus, Food, shelter and education.  Check back often to see how the Glory of God is working in these two ministries.

Cabbage & Crayons

Want to help by giving back?

Cabbage and Crayons is a way that you can help!

They’re on a mission…By the love of Chrisst, they server the Kenyan Giotto Dumpsite Community offering education, health and safety. Through partnerships with local leaders, they seek to build a nurturing school community and provide relief services.  They partner with local Kenyan leaders to help kids get out of the dumpsite.

Check out their website at and if you can, think about giving them a donation.