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Patient Care

Patient Care

  • Cranial Kids offers FREE consultations!!!
  • Cranial Kids comes to you! No need to leave your home we can evaluate, fit and have all follow up appointments in the convenience of your home or meet you at your physical therapy or doctors appointment.
  • What to Expect for Appointments:

First appointment is a one hour evaluation – if we have authorization through insurance we will scan, if not, we will need to get authorization then a second appointment will be a scan about 45 minutes.

Second or third appointment, seven business days after first appointment: one hour delivery of helmet – fitting, adjusting and educating the family on how to wear and care for the helmet.

Third or fourth appointment is one week later:  Follow up on how the helmet is fitting and any appropriate adjustments needed.

Follow up appointments are every three weeks, unless there is a concern then we will see you sooner.

Treatment duration is typically 3-4 months depending on the severity.